Wednesday, March 2, 2016


1. Regular medical checkups: 

If we study our history we will come to know that our ancient predecessors had been known to live thousands of years. There are ancient books, scrolls and firsthand accounts of many ancient people have been found and according to these scrolls, there were people who lived 2 or 3 centuries. If we look at the more recent history, almost every one of us had read news about some senior citizen in China, japan or in any of the other distant part of the globe turning 120, 130 or in some cases, 135 years old. Most of us have parents and grandparents that have seen 90 to 95 years on this earth but that is the extent to it. If you are expecting that your forefathers and grandmothers have longer so you will too because it is in your genes, you are utterly wrong.  If we take a look at our life style and living conditions, we will come to know that life expectancy today is 80 years to the most or what the recognized researchers or celebrated medical and health journals tell us anyways. And we are only talking about developed countries like European Countries and several American countries, otherwise the average life expectancy or the years a person is supposed to live is 55 to 60 years. The reason behind this rather large preamble is that if you want to live longer and increase your life expectancy, what you should do is get regular checkups and make appointments with your physicians, because there have been countless of cases reported in which the cancers and other problems were diagnosed their extreme stages. When people have cough or catch common cold, they tend to self-medicate, when they start to feel pain or a little heavy, they consult their physicians, and physician diagnoses cancers, tumors and allergies when it is too late. So regularly make appointments with your physician because if you are suffering from any such disease, it can be diagnoses early and can be treated when there is still time.

2. Exposure to sun: 

Some people are that afraid of getting sun-burnt or getting skin cancer that do not go out in the light of the day without an umbrella or sun-screen. What they are ignoring is the fact that there bodies might be vitamin D deficient and they can make up for this deficiency by sitting in the sunlight. This vitamin D deficiency causes hypertension, strokes, several other cancers, heart diseases and birth defects, so sit under the sun any chance you can get.
3.  Maintain a better oral hygiene because bad gums and teeth cause many medical problems

4. Do not consume drugs and alcohol.

5. Do not smoke cigarettes and fags.

6. Do not take much stress or tension.

7. Get 6 to 7 hours of sleep each night and emphasis is on the night because day is for work and night is to rest and sleep.

8. Do exercise or yoga on regular basis.

9. Tend to your eating disorders and consume only healthy food.

10. Be more social because social anxiety has been known to take many lives, when people feel alone or socially awkward they tend to end their self-proclaimed sorry, miserable lives.

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