Friday, January 15, 2016

9 Worst Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Exercise # 1: Sit Ups

Most of the people think that ab exercise strengthens your tone abdominal and core muscles. But actually sit ups give a lot of pressure on your discs and mostly people use their muscles for sit ups and it results in lower back pain.

Exercise # 2: Double Leg Lifts

Lifts of legs sometimes suggest being an ab exercise which people do to strengthen their core and tone their abs.
People do exercise more to give relief to their back but lifting legs by lying at a smooth place proves to be dangerous for your back.
Some of the women are not suitable for such kind of exercise because they do not have enough strength to carry such a lot of weight on their spine.

Exercise # 3: Back Squats

Squat is also an exercise that is an extreme move if it is done in a correct way. It moves all the muscles of core and the lower body. But if it is not done in a correct way then it can cause severe pain to the body.
The problem that arises in this exercise is when the lower back rounds more which has to be kept straight and the chest also causes tension in back.

Exercise # 4: Lower Back Foam Roll

Lower back pain is very severe and painful and it causes damage because it is not the cause of pain but it receives pain.
Lower back should be protected because it needs protection as the back has large muscles which protect lower back. But it does not protect organs like kidneys and livers.

Exercise # 5: Jogging

Jogging is a hard exercise which put too much stress on your back and it leads to back pain. It becomes difficult to maintain spine in a stale position so it is good to avoid this.

Exercise # 6: Burpees

Same like jogging, burpees is also a hard exercise and it requires a lot of energy and it also needs to jump higher and higher and it has the same impact as jogging.
If the body is not feeling well then it is better to avoid this exercise because it decreases the stiffness of your body.

Exercise # 7: Straight - Leg Dead lift

Straight dead lift is an awesome exercise for lower back but it has to move all the major parts of the body at once which makes your weak and hurt the back.
When you feel weak, it becomes easy to feel such kind of pain in spine because the body moves easily and that roundness creates pain in the body. Especially if an injury is there with the lower back then it can create more injuries as it reduces the core strength.
Core muscles struggle the body from movement. Core protects your body from damages. It is important to avoid this exercise because it can prove to be harmful for your health and body.

Exercise # 8: Seated Russian Twists

Seated Russian twists are an exercise which is a sure way that will hurt your back. Lower back is not designed in a way that is allowed to rotate.
It would be good to skip this workout because twisting lower back is not good as it can cause damage to the back. It can cause injuries.

Exercise # 9: Bent Over Rows

Bent over rows is a workout that is famous among the back exercises. It helps to maintain the posterior chains of muscles but this exercise also creates problem.
This exercise forces your lower back to work a lot and it puts stress on your back. It also increases the risk of overweight. Substituting such exercise with another one would be a good option for you.

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