Tuesday, February 9, 2016

10 Beauty And Health Benefits Of Raw Onion

1.Prevention against osteoporosis and atherosclerosis: 

Onion is an integral part of our grocery cabinet and an integral entry in our shopping list. Onion rings are the most favorite snack of many people and onions are used in the preparation of gravy for almost any food and dish we are about to cook. But it isn’t all with the onions. These onions can also be used in medical field because onions undoubtedly have their medical and medicinal purposes, doctors and medical practitioners are of the view that if we consume onion on regular basis, aside from our food, we might be able to prevent ourselves from the diseases like osteoporosis and atherosclerosis. Even pronouncing the name of these diseases is hard so who would like to even get affected by them?

2.Prevention of cancer: 

Cancer is without a doubt, most dangerous and lethal disease. If someone is lucky enough, cancer is diagnosed in them at earlier stages, they can start their treatment at once, and only in these conditions, they have higher chances of survival, or else, cancer ends the lives of the people it affects, there has been many researches done and many successful results achieved but nothing is sure when it comes to the prevention and treatment of cancer. The usage of onions in the medical field has significantly proved its importance when it comes to the treatment of cancer. Usage of onion in the treatment of colon, neck and head cancer have shown encouraging results.

3.Cure for insect bite: 

As mentioned earlier, onions have their medical and medicinal purposes as well as their usage in the culinary department and arts. The liquid that is extracted by blending an onion in juicer blender is called onion juice, this juice is known for working charms and performing miracles when it comes to insect bite. Apply 2 or 3 drops of this onion juice where the bee or wasp has bitten you and there are chances that it will sting more when you use the drops than the bite that the insect has inflicted on you. But you will see that onion juice has healed your bite more effectively.  This onion can also be used to heal the sunburnt or minor fire burnt skin.

4.Digestion problem: 

Onion and onion juice can also be used to cure your digestion problems. If you are having a bad base of digestion, you can take a bite of raw onion because onion releases extra digestion fluids.

5.Sleeping problems: 

A gulp of onion juice before sleeping will help greatly with your insomnia problems.

6. Stops bleeding: 

Getting a whiff of raw onion while instantly stop the nose bleeding.

7.Fever prevention: 

A small piece of onion can drive away the side effects of fever for you.

8.Cure for common cold: 

Onions are the most common cure for common cold, cough, throat sourness and other countless allergies.


Onions have anti-microbial, antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics which may prove to be very helpful when it comes to the prevention against infections.

10. Vitamin count: 

Onions have Vitamin B and Vitamin C components that lower our cholesterol levels and remove the extra fat from our body.

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