Friday, January 15, 2016

Top 10 Innovations by 2050


 1)        Dream Downloads

 It is an estimation of 5 % that people may download their dreams instead of only decoding them. It is possible now to monitor the brain and see what the person is thinking about but it is going to become easier in the coming years.

2)      People Marrying Computer Companies

It is not very common and easy to talk to the people who are at faraway places from here and people have girlfriends and have relationships with people but it will become an innovation that people may have sex with robots and have physical relationships with them. It is an estimation of 10 % of its possibility. 

3)       First Child Born in Space

It is an estimation of 10 % about this possibility. It will become easy soon to give birth to children in space as fast as the technology is advancing.

 4)      Moon Hotel

People have advanced top reach the moon now and every scientist is now reaching the moon. There may be a possibility of 25 % that a 3D hotel may be built in near future and people may enjoy that hotel moon.

5)      150 Year Human Life Spans

There is an estimation of 40 % as the life of man was 35 to 40 from the past 200 years but now it has grown to 75 to 80 so according to scientists it can reach to 150 years. If the diet is taken proper and healthy then it can enhance up to 150 years.

 6)      Crop Pollination Robotic Insects

There is a percentage of about 40 that there may come a possibility that insects may be developed through custom pollination. The size would remain the same and it has become easy now to clone insect s and human as well so probably in 2050 it would become easier.

7)      First Cloned Human

Cloning is 60 % in the possibilities and it is very common these days that people may develop a person of exactly their size, shape and features. It will become a huge misunderstanding between the people around to recognize each other.

 8)      Spray On Skin

It has 70 % chances in the 2050 to be introduced. By spraying on the skin like on hand would identify anything and or it will be like a 3D printed skin. It would become easy to recognize people through their 3D printed skin.

 9)      Electronic Displayed Tattoos

It has a possibility of 80 % that animated or LED tattoos may be introduced in the near future where people would be able to illustrate tattoos through LED.

 10)   Active Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have become a necessity for the people who have eye sight issues and the ratio is very high of the people who use contact lenses for their eye. It has a possibility of 90 % that people would be using contact lenses for sure for their eyes and to improve their vision.


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