Friday, January 15, 2016

The History of Hacking


Hacking was introduced in the early 60s. the hackers of that time were only a simple way to use shortcuts and they gave different ideas for these hacking systems and also it created hipe in the society about the hackers. It is us who have to decide that the hackers are immoral or innovative as they have fascinated the people from the very early stage. They have explored the psyche of people and their demands from these hackers and these hackers do the same to the technology that is their most appealing passion. These hackers are mysterious and were unable to be found in public so easily. This article has shown the history of hacking which has changed the world throughout because of its latest technology and the master minds.


In the era of 1960, it was introduced first and then it got boosted upo in the whole world because it was then used to develop systems in the companies and hack the systems that are not operating well.


In 1971, John Draper known as Captain Crunch who introduced the blue box and introduced a method to do free calls from one place to another. He introduced a whistle to give a call to the people. In 1972, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak learnt the art that how to Phreak and they named berkeley blue to Wozniak and Oof Tobar to Steve Jobs.


In 1981, the largest association of hackers in Europe was form who was a part of Chaos Computer Club. In 1984, the hacker for first edition of 2600 was formed and published. In 1986, the fraud act and the abuse act were done in US. In 1988, Kevin Poulsen was convicted as a victim for hacking federal computer networks. Also, there was a person Robert Morris who invented a computer Morris Worm which was the first computer worm in the world on earth. He was also convicted as a victim as the person to invent abuse and fraud act 
In 1991, Kevin was finally arrested by police and was sentenced to prison for five years as he was a criminal. In 1992, this conviction prolonged about the Kevin. In 1994, Vladimir Levin stole about $ 10 Million. Then in 1995, he was caught by the police and sentence to prison for 3 years. Kevin was also arrested in 1995 and sentenced to prison for 5 years. Aohell introduced himself in 1997 and brought a network of chat rooms.


In 2000, a computer ILOVEYOU was introduced and it caused a damage of $ 10 Billion and then it finally stopped. Michael Calce introduced the online websites like Amazon, Ebay, and CNN and brought yahoo back. In 2001, Gary Mckinnon hacked about 97 computers of NASA and military. Michael Calce was also arrested and sentenced to death for creating chat rooms. In 2002, Gary faced 70 years in prison. Adrian Lamo hacked the website of New York Times. Jason Smathers stole the customers about 97 million and it was a loss of 7 billion and he was also sentenced to prison. In 2007, Adrian Lamo was charged with the crimes of computer and he was sentenced to prison with probation of 2 years. George Hotz unlocked IPhone and he was the first person on earth to do that. In 2008, Chaos Computer Club used the biometric data and in 2010, play station 3 was hacked by George Hotz. Stuxnet also caused a serious damage to physical equipments. ATMs were also hacked in 2010 by Barnaby Jack. In 2011, hackers hacked information from 70 million users. In 2012, Visa and Master card were hacked by the hackers. Twitter was also hacked in 2013.

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