Friday, January 15, 2016

Top 10 Innovations by 2050


 1)        Dream Downloads

 It is an estimation of 5 % that people may download their dreams instead of only decoding them. It is possible now to monitor the brain and see what the person is thinking about but it is going to become easier in the coming years.

2)      People Marrying Computer Companies

It is not very common and easy to talk to the people who are at faraway places from here and people have girlfriends and have relationships with people but it will become an innovation that people may have sex with robots and have physical relationships with them. It is an estimation of 10 % of its possibility. 

3)       First Child Born in Space

It is an estimation of 10 % about this possibility. It will become easy soon to give birth to children in space as fast as the technology is advancing.

 4)      Moon Hotel

People have advanced top reach the moon now and every scientist is now reaching the moon. There may be a possibility of 25 % that a 3D hotel may be built in near future and people may enjoy that hotel moon.

5)      150 Year Human Life Spans

There is an estimation of 40 % as the life of man was 35 to 40 from the past 200 years but now it has grown to 75 to 80 so according to scientists it can reach to 150 years. If the diet is taken proper and healthy then it can enhance up to 150 years.

 6)      Crop Pollination Robotic Insects

There is a percentage of about 40 that there may come a possibility that insects may be developed through custom pollination. The size would remain the same and it has become easy now to clone insect s and human as well so probably in 2050 it would become easier.

7)      First Cloned Human

Cloning is 60 % in the possibilities and it is very common these days that people may develop a person of exactly their size, shape and features. It will become a huge misunderstanding between the people around to recognize each other.

 8)      Spray On Skin

It has 70 % chances in the 2050 to be introduced. By spraying on the skin like on hand would identify anything and or it will be like a 3D printed skin. It would become easy to recognize people through their 3D printed skin.

 9)      Electronic Displayed Tattoos

It has a possibility of 80 % that animated or LED tattoos may be introduced in the near future where people would be able to illustrate tattoos through LED.

 10)   Active Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have become a necessity for the people who have eye sight issues and the ratio is very high of the people who use contact lenses for their eye. It has a possibility of 90 % that people would be using contact lenses for sure for their eyes and to improve their vision.


The History of Hacking


Hacking was introduced in the early 60s. the hackers of that time were only a simple way to use shortcuts and they gave different ideas for these hacking systems and also it created hipe in the society about the hackers. It is us who have to decide that the hackers are immoral or innovative as they have fascinated the people from the very early stage. They have explored the psyche of people and their demands from these hackers and these hackers do the same to the technology that is their most appealing passion. These hackers are mysterious and were unable to be found in public so easily. This article has shown the history of hacking which has changed the world throughout because of its latest technology and the master minds.


In the era of 1960, it was introduced first and then it got boosted upo in the whole world because it was then used to develop systems in the companies and hack the systems that are not operating well.


In 1971, John Draper known as Captain Crunch who introduced the blue box and introduced a method to do free calls from one place to another. He introduced a whistle to give a call to the people. In 1972, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak learnt the art that how to Phreak and they named berkeley blue to Wozniak and Oof Tobar to Steve Jobs.


In 1981, the largest association of hackers in Europe was form who was a part of Chaos Computer Club. In 1984, the hacker for first edition of 2600 was formed and published. In 1986, the fraud act and the abuse act were done in US. In 1988, Kevin Poulsen was convicted as a victim for hacking federal computer networks. Also, there was a person Robert Morris who invented a computer Morris Worm which was the first computer worm in the world on earth. He was also convicted as a victim as the person to invent abuse and fraud act 
In 1991, Kevin was finally arrested by police and was sentenced to prison for five years as he was a criminal. In 1992, this conviction prolonged about the Kevin. In 1994, Vladimir Levin stole about $ 10 Million. Then in 1995, he was caught by the police and sentence to prison for 3 years. Kevin was also arrested in 1995 and sentenced to prison for 5 years. Aohell introduced himself in 1997 and brought a network of chat rooms.


In 2000, a computer ILOVEYOU was introduced and it caused a damage of $ 10 Billion and then it finally stopped. Michael Calce introduced the online websites like Amazon, Ebay, and CNN and brought yahoo back. In 2001, Gary Mckinnon hacked about 97 computers of NASA and military. Michael Calce was also arrested and sentenced to death for creating chat rooms. In 2002, Gary faced 70 years in prison. Adrian Lamo hacked the website of New York Times. Jason Smathers stole the customers about 97 million and it was a loss of 7 billion and he was also sentenced to prison. In 2007, Adrian Lamo was charged with the crimes of computer and he was sentenced to prison with probation of 2 years. George Hotz unlocked IPhone and he was the first person on earth to do that. In 2008, Chaos Computer Club used the biometric data and in 2010, play station 3 was hacked by George Hotz. Stuxnet also caused a serious damage to physical equipments. ATMs were also hacked in 2010 by Barnaby Jack. In 2011, hackers hacked information from 70 million users. In 2012, Visa and Master card were hacked by the hackers. Twitter was also hacked in 2013.

9 Worst Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Exercise # 1: Sit Ups

Most of the people think that ab exercise strengthens your tone abdominal and core muscles. But actually sit ups give a lot of pressure on your discs and mostly people use their muscles for sit ups and it results in lower back pain.

Exercise # 2: Double Leg Lifts

Lifts of legs sometimes suggest being an ab exercise which people do to strengthen their core and tone their abs.
People do exercise more to give relief to their back but lifting legs by lying at a smooth place proves to be dangerous for your back.
Some of the women are not suitable for such kind of exercise because they do not have enough strength to carry such a lot of weight on their spine.

Exercise # 3: Back Squats

Squat is also an exercise that is an extreme move if it is done in a correct way. It moves all the muscles of core and the lower body. But if it is not done in a correct way then it can cause severe pain to the body.
The problem that arises in this exercise is when the lower back rounds more which has to be kept straight and the chest also causes tension in back.

Exercise # 4: Lower Back Foam Roll

Lower back pain is very severe and painful and it causes damage because it is not the cause of pain but it receives pain.
Lower back should be protected because it needs protection as the back has large muscles which protect lower back. But it does not protect organs like kidneys and livers.

Exercise # 5: Jogging

Jogging is a hard exercise which put too much stress on your back and it leads to back pain. It becomes difficult to maintain spine in a stale position so it is good to avoid this.

Exercise # 6: Burpees

Same like jogging, burpees is also a hard exercise and it requires a lot of energy and it also needs to jump higher and higher and it has the same impact as jogging.
If the body is not feeling well then it is better to avoid this exercise because it decreases the stiffness of your body.

Exercise # 7: Straight - Leg Dead lift

Straight dead lift is an awesome exercise for lower back but it has to move all the major parts of the body at once which makes your weak and hurt the back.
When you feel weak, it becomes easy to feel such kind of pain in spine because the body moves easily and that roundness creates pain in the body. Especially if an injury is there with the lower back then it can create more injuries as it reduces the core strength.
Core muscles struggle the body from movement. Core protects your body from damages. It is important to avoid this exercise because it can prove to be harmful for your health and body.

Exercise # 8: Seated Russian Twists

Seated Russian twists are an exercise which is a sure way that will hurt your back. Lower back is not designed in a way that is allowed to rotate.
It would be good to skip this workout because twisting lower back is not good as it can cause damage to the back. It can cause injuries.

Exercise # 9: Bent Over Rows

Bent over rows is a workout that is famous among the back exercises. It helps to maintain the posterior chains of muscles but this exercise also creates problem.
This exercise forces your lower back to work a lot and it puts stress on your back. It also increases the risk of overweight. Substituting such exercise with another one would be a good option for you.

What are hormones?

Chemical that are stowed unswervingly into the blood are called as hormones. They are moved to the organs and tissues so that different activities like metabolism, reproductive health, reasoning etc might be carried out.

If hormones may get out of balance, they may cause serious illness and health issues.

Symptoms to find out hormone imbalance.

  • Sleeping issues
  • Impotency
  • Headaches
  • Putting on fats
  • Fatigue
  • Sensitivity of skin
  • Hankerings

Natural way of balancing hormones.

Reduce Chemicals usage from your life.

Hormones in human body are delicate and it’s really important to protect them from any kind of disturbance. If you use more chemicals in the shape of sprays, hair colours, perfumes, insecticides and inorganic food; it means you are destroying your hormones and creating imbalance. Things should be used appropriately but one should not get obsessed with them. Reduce the usage of plastic wares for keeping food and water. Rather one should use steel or silver wares for cooking and keeping food. Furthermore, avoid any such kind of personal care things which may have chemical like; ethylparaben, methylparaben, isobutylparaben.

Take Healthy and Saturated Fats.

 Fear of putting on weight usually leads towards fats phobia. People usually thing that if they would have intake of fats, they might be becoming chubby. Their physique might be getting abnormal. They might be losing appropriate shape. All these are apprehensions which people use come across when they think this word “Fats”. But our body need adequate quantity of fats past is filled with a serious fear of fat. Composition of hormones includes cholesterol. And our body also needs it in different ways like our brain is composed of it.
One should change his/her beliefs about fats so that he/she may lead a balance and healthy life. But one should not take anything in excess as excess of everything is bad for health.

Do Physical Work

“A healthy body keeps healthy mind” is an old proverb. Physical activities are essential for maintaining body hormones and keeping us healthy. Those who do not engage themselves in any kind of physical activity or exercise get older early as compared to those who do. Exercise keeps us not only physically active but also mentally strong. Running, jogging, yoga and aerobics help in maintaining hormones and building a good chemistry between all organs of human body.

Adequate Sleep.

Appropriate sleep is necessary for keeping body organs congruent with one another to work. If one does not sleep adequately and is a night owl, he/she may face serious health issues leading to illness. Hormonal imbalance would lead towards dark circles around eyes and bulging of eyes. Mind would not be relaxed and ultimately it would not exert that energy as it could with proper sleep. Furthermore, it would not release hormones appropriately and imbalance would be created.

Avoid Junk Foods

 Junk foods includes weight gaining and cholesterol increasing ingredients. Excessive usage of junk foods and highly unsaturated fats create disturbance in hormones and ultimately destroy health. One should know that he/she should create balance diet and should focus on organic food, juices, vegetables and hygienic food rather unhealthy food for which one has to bear cost later on.
In a nut shell, to balance your hormones, it is highly suggested that one should reduce chemical intake, avoid junk foods, should have adequate sleep, healthy saturated fats and should do physical work.